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Citymap game

In this game we are going to draw city maps together by using GPS.
The game is very simple. First of all we are not letting your GPS to take a rest :) If you are traveling in your city by car, by bus, by bycicle, by walking, does not matter, just leave your GPS on and save the track log. Then upload the track and time by time the map of the city will take the shape of the city.
It will be really interesting to see the phases.

We are asking you to invite all your friends to this game who has GPS, even if they are not interested in Geocaching itself. As more we are, as better drawings we can create.

To upload a track, we are not asking you to log in (but you can enter a fantasy name if you want). We will keep your privacy, we do not want to know where did you go last week, the only goal is the picture :)

Hadi rastgele :)

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